April 2, 2019

Retired Truck Driver

"After years of fighting with a 12,000 BTU window air conditioner, I decided to install a 15,000 BTU Mitsubishi split system. The system is great and so was the installation by Forsburg Furnace. This company is professional, neat and clean from start to finish. They met and exceeded all of my expectations. "
April 25, 2017

"Forsburg Furnace just finished installing my Carrier 25VNA036 Heat Pump. I have spent 35 years as a Materials Manger, so I'm not easy! This company is 100% competent and professional. It's wonderful to find a small business that does it right. Just great people to work with. If their after the sale service goes anything like their installation, and I'm sure it is, this will be a very pleasant experience."
March 9, 2017


"Good hard working ,quality installs using great equipment"
February 8, 2017

"Forsburg Furnace was a great company to work with when I was in need of a furnace in an emergency. They are fast, friendly and I will return to them when I am in need of A/C. Thank You! "